drawing lab wroclaw

Creative collective composed of: Aga Jarząb, Anna Kołodziejczyk, Dy Tagowska, Maciej Bączyk, Kamil Moskowczenko, Przemek Pintal, Wojciech Pukocz

Drawing lab Wroclaw is a Wrocław collective ideologically and organizationally responsible for the shape of the Think Tank lab Triennale. For Drawing lab Wroclaw, its main goal is to represent and popularize modern thinking about drawing by organizing exhibitions, meetings, workshops, and publishing thematic publications. The principle of the collective's operation is to confront the most inspiring creative attitudes, the most recent achievements in understanding and creating art, primarily in the area of drawing activities, as well as other activities that use the simplest means of expression in their practice. The absence of the term "drawing" in the name describes the concentration of Drawing lab Wroclaw primarily on the role of creative and intellectual activity in the field of art that interests us most, beyond the rigor of disciplinary divisions and workshop determinants.

Anna Kołodziejczyk
Kamil Moskowczenko
Aga Jarząb
Przemek Pintal
Daniela Tagowska