Przemek Pintal
Program Director

Daniela Tagowska
Executive Coordinator of TTT Project, Curator

Kama Wróbel
Spin Doctor, Curator

Daria Milecka
Workshop Coordinator

Anna Zielińska
PR Coordinator

Sylwia Owczarek
Project Assistant

Piotr Kmita
Project Assistant

Jacek Hamkało

Marcin Przygoda
Producer assistant

Łukasz Paluch, Piotr Kmita, Ewa Grajek
Graphic Design Team

Aga Jarząb, Maciej Bączyk
Multimedia Project Team

Anna Czajka
Administrative Coordinator

Leszek Sołtys
Webmaster, Network Administrator


Think Tank lab is the center of contemporary drawing in Wrocław, which is ideally and organisationally responsible for the shape of the Think Tank lab Triennial. TTl's main goal is to represent and popularize modern thinking about drawing by organizing exhibitions, meetings, workshops, and publishing thematic publications. The principle of the Center is to confront the most inspiring creative attitudes, the most recent achievements in understanding and creating art, primarily in the area of drawing activities, as well as other activities that use the simplest means of expression in their practice. The absence of the term "drawing" in the name describes the focus of the Think Tank lab primarily on the role of creative and intellectual activity in the field of art that interests us most, beyond the rigor of disciplinary divisions and workshop determinants.

Think Tank lab is interested in carrying out fusion in the field of visual arts and any other creative activity in the field of culture and social practices, consisting in joint action. Think Tanki operating in the social space are teams of specialists in their fields, practitioners jointly solving the dilemmas of the present. The reference to the history and functions of this type of associations emphasizes our focus on drawing as the basic tool of thinking, as well as the appropriate medium of broadly understood design, drawing visions and joint action. This range of TTl functioning is in line with the tradition of the Drawing Triennial in Wrocław, which in its 50-year history has undergone necessary transformations in connection with the development trends of contemporary art.