14.06 – 18.07.2019
opening: 14.06.2019, 6 pm
location: Galeria BWA Wrocław Główny, ul. Piłsudskiego 105

This year's edition of the Drawing Triennial asks the question about the state of today's world and encourages to explore the issues regarding the relationship of an artist with themselves while they are facing the pressures of the world and their relationships with other people. Therefore, it also encourages artists to explore the meaning of individuality in the world where everybody is an individual.

We live in a world of which we have learned to think that it is a world of unlimited possibilities. This world, shaped in the climate of relative peace and prosperity, during a fast pace of technological development and postmodernity, has for long been eaten by falsehood and is now falling apart. Contemporary man already knows that the world we have created is complicated and brutal in its laws, no matter whether we live in its more or less privileged areas. More and more people no longer trust the governments which they choose and lose faith in ideologies and religions. Although most people remain lawful citizens, predictable employees and, most importantly, good consumers, they suffer quietly and secretly.
An overflow of images, scrolling hundreds and hundreds of pages, getting addicted to visual gluttony are but a few reasons of getting satiated and tired with the world. Blindness, deafness and boredom with excess translates into unwillingness to participate and a longing to be absent and uninvolved. Yet, if we are to focus on something else besides our own comfort, what else is there to do but oppose an increasing despair and manifest one's disagreement with the status quo? What new forms of opening oneself and tackling and changing our reality are there? What should we do with an increasing pain and helplessness? What can a contemporary child in the body of an adult do about it?
The motto of this year's edition of the Open Call, which is organized as part of Wroclaw Drawing Triennial 2019, asks a question not only about the state of contemporary world. The term Weltschmerz expresses the pain of existence, however we understand weltschmerz as a broader concept and a departure point for more general considerations about crisis, which is also visible in the area of visual arts as the presence or absence of their deeper, ideological meaning in today's world. The motto of the competition triggers off explorations of issues regarding the relationship of an artist with himself/herself in the face of the pressure exerted by the surrounding world and his/her ties with society. Therefore, it also encourages artists to discuss the meaning of individuality in the world where everybody is an individual.
The above-mentioned issues, which have not been addressed for the first time, are as interesting to the organizers as the form and artistic strategy which the artists participating in the Open Call of Wroclaw Triennale of Drawing will choose. We invite all artists, irrespective of their age and education, for whom drawing is an important means of expression. We would like to gather and present valuable and novel activities in the field of drawing, which will enable us to describe the current state of artistic explorations in the field. We are looking for artistic proposals which are varied in terms of formal means and which address the ideas suggested by the motto or approach it from a different, also critical, perspective. Entrants can submit works on paper made by means of classical drawing tools but also those created in different techniques, such as objects, animations, interactive and ephemeral works, video and performance, provided they represent the so-called "drawing thinking".
Team of Wroclaw Drawing Triennial 2019

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