Un-Home / Moving Stones. Filip Berte

14.06 – 5.07.2019
opening: 14.06.2019, 16:00
location: Galeria Arttrakt, ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 1/1

A solo exhibition of the winner of the open call contest which was organised as part of the previous edition of Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2019. In his projects, Filip Berte focuses on cultural identity, exclusion and the burning refugee problem in Europe. The artist will invite refugees to collaborate with him on the project.

Visual artist and architect (born in 1976 in Ghent) who became known to the wider audience for his long-term project Eutopia, in which he likened Europe to a political entity represented as a house, in which every room reflected a different aspect of the continent. Margin, migration and border are but a few of the main subjects which dominate his work. In 2011, Filip Berte received the Province of East Flanders Award of Fine Arts. In 2016, he won the Grand Prix in the open call contest organised as part of Think Tank lab Triennale – currently Wrocław Drawing Triennial. In the Un-home/Moving Stones project, Berte further develops his critical artistic practice, focusing on the mechanism of exclusion of immigrants who migrate to Western Europe.

Filip Berte's exhibition featuring in this year's edition of Wrocław Drawing Triennial will show the development of the winner project of the previous edition. His installation set up in the hall of the Arttrakt Gallery will evoke the artist's trip to the Centre for Foreigners in Podkowa Leśna-Dębak near Warsaw, where Berte will run a series of workshops for the residents of the centre in a week prior to his exhibition. The audience will also see a video featuring the pictures taken by a camera obscura in the course of Berte's long-term Un-home/Moving Stones project.

curator: Daniela Tagowska