In Disarray

27.06 – 26.07.2019
opening: 27.06.2019, 18:00
location: Galeria Entropia, ul. Rzeźnicza 4

Six Wrocław artists will collaborate on a joint rhizomatic drawing, made on the walls and floor of the Entropia gallery while retaining an existing drawing, created by life itself. Their drawing will expand and transform into an installation. The artists will use their own techniques, e.g. sidoluxography, which they employed on the occasion of their previous group exhibition in Entropia.

artists: Mira Boczniowicz, Julita Gielzak, Bożena Grzyb-Jarodzka, Alicja Jodko, Magda Migacz, Beata Rojek
idea / coordination: Alicja Jodko
exhibition production: Galeria Entropia