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Animation Programme

14.06 – 24.07.2019
The programme of Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2019 includes two animation shows: "Narration" and "Abstraction", screened alternately, as well as several-days-long workshops and a show given by an Australian by birth, independent artist and film-maker Karel Doing, who will present his own animation techniques.

15.06.2019, h. 12:00–14:00
Meeting with Karel Doing and a special screening of films from the Animation Program.

Meeting with Karel Doing, the leader of the Phytogram workshop and the author of the exhibition presenting the results of the workshop work.
The meeting will be conducted by Maciek Bączyk

Special screening of the Abstract / Narration program with the participation of Aga Jarząb (arranging the program of abstract films) and Piotr Kardas (arranging the program of narrative films)

The authors of some films will also be present during the screening.

Movies: Abstraction // Narration
„Katagami”, Michael J. Lyons // „Samuraj”, Tomasz Kucharczyk
„Extrapolate”, Johan Rijpma // „O jezu!”, Betina Bożek
„Geist”, Matt Abbis // „If you can…”, Hanna Rybak
„Marbles”, Natalia Spychała // „We turn into nature”, Justyna Pazdan
„RGBebop”, Luigi Allemano // „Cheers!”, Paulina Ziółkowska
„25/25”, kinoMANUAL // „Piesydent”, Magdalena Pilecka
„Let Your Light Shine”, Jodie Mack // „Neon epigram”, Witold Giersz
"Courtesy of the artist", Piotr Bosacki // "This world", Zbigniew Czapla

The film "Neon fraszka" directed by Witold Giersz was created at SMF in 1959, the film was digitally reconstructed in 2019 as part of the project "Digital reconstruction and digitization of Polish feature, documentary and animated films to ensure access in all distribution fields (cinema , television, Internet, mobile devices) and preserving Polish film heritage for future generations ”under the Operational Program Digital Poland for 2014-2020.

curators: Maciej Bączyk, Aga Jarząb, Piotr Kardas

Partner of the event is Łódź Film School
Ogólnopolski Festiwal Filmów Animowanych O!PLA
Studio Miniatur Filmowych w Warszawie

Johan Rijpma
Extrapolate | 01’57’’
25/25 | 04’20’’
Matt Abbis
Geist / 02’20’’
Piotr Bosacki
Dzięki uprzejmości artysty | 10’10’
Luigi Allemano
RGBebop | 04’00’’
Natalia Spychała
Marbles / 05’13”
Justyna Pazdan
Zamieniamy się w przyrodę | 04’00’’
Tomasz Kucharczyk
Samuraj | 07’08’’
Magdalena Pilecka
Piesydent | 02’04’’
Hanna Rybak
If you can… | 01’14’’
Witold Giersz
Neonowa fraszka | 08’45’’
Betina Bożek
O jezu! | 03’48’’
Zbigniew Czapla
Ten świat | 01’00’
Paulina Ziółkowska
Na zdrowie! | 05’00’’